Kaplan Test Prep Comments on Announcement that the LSAT® Will Switch from Paper-and-Pencil to Digital Format in July 2019

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The LSAT is switching to a digital format next summer. Find out how this may affect you in the law school admissions process.

New York, NY (October 3, 2018) — The Law School Admission Council made two announcements today, with the stated goal of modernizing law school admissions and easing the process of applying to law school for students taking the LSAT next summer and beyond. First, LSAC announced the transition to a digital tablet-based testing format from its current paper-and-pencil format, beginning in July 2019. The exam’s content and length will remain the same.

LSAC also announced an expansion from six to nine testing dates for the 2019-2020 testing year, giving more options for students to test when they are ready.

The following statement about what this means for pre-law students in the short-term comes from Jeff Thomas, executive director of pre-law programs, Kaplan Test Prep:

“Transitioning the LSAT from a paper-and-pencil format to a digital format will be one of the biggest changes to hit the exam in its 70-year history. Because there is always some uncertainty with a test change of this magnitude, our advice is to make every reasonable effort to test by June 2019, but no later than July 2019. Here’s why: June 2019 will be the last administration of the LSAT in which all students can take the exam in its current paper-and-pencil format, the format they know and have many existing practice tools; in July, the test maker will assign some test takers pencil-and-paper tests, while some will be assigned digital tests. The choice will not belong to the student. However, uniquely, and just in July, test-takers will have a one-time opportunity to cancel their scores. Come September 2019 though, every test taker will take the exam in its new digital format, on a tablet, with no option to cancel after receiving a score. While change is not always easy, digital testing should allow for a more consistent test-taking experience for students, and should allow scores to be in students’ hands faster, which are both positive developments.

“Kaplan Test Prep will of course provide ample digital LSAT preparation tools and practice opportunities for those who do end up sitting for a digital LSAT administration.

“More broadly, the LSAT’s move to a digital format follows the trend that we have seen among all major graduate-level admissions exams over the past decade. The admissions exams for graduate school, business school and medical school have all already made the switch from paper-and-pencil. The ACT® college admissions exam has also begun piloting the test to some students in a digital format, making the SAT® the last major exam in paper-and-pencil format, for now. While students have been quick to embrace everything digital in their personal lives, now they will have no choice but to adapt to it on their educational tracks too if they plan to earn a graduate-level degree, which may take some getting used to.”

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