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A month-to-month guide for the two years leading to residency.

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Medical Residency Process

Everything you've heard about your medical residency is true. Residency training will be the most challenging time of your medical career. For recent medical school graduates, medical residency is an abrupt shift from being a student one day to a practicing physician the next. For International Medical Graduates, medical residency presents the challenges of "repeating" your training while simultaneously adapting to the specific procedures and culture of U.S. teaching hospitals. In any case, it pays to do your residency research.

Navigating the Residency Match process can be a little confusing and very frustrating. We created this area to help you prepare for the Match and start your residency research with confidence.

Read up on the U.S. process

We'll help you understand the process and start your residency research with confidence. Learn about the Pathway to Residency in the United States for an International Medical Graduates.

*Kaplan does not guarantee placement into any residency program.

*2018 Main Residency Match® data from NRMP®