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Save $600 on Summer Intensive–Live Online with code JAN600. Ends 1/31.*

Promo ends in days, hours, minutes, seconds

5-Week Bootcamps

Tuition: $6999

Save $600 on Summer Intensive–Live Online with code JAN600. Ends 1/31.*

May 13th - June 15th

June 17th - July 20th

July 22nd - August 24th

For the first time ever Kaplan is bringing the benefits of our highest-rated MCAT Summer Intensive Program to your home this summer. These elite programs are an exclusive opportunity to commit to the most concentrated MCAT prep available, including the most live instruction of any live online MCAT prep option, unparalleled support and service, and weekly one-on-one coaching.

Prefer to study in Atlanta, Boulder, or San Diego? Learn More

For more information, contact one of our Summer Intensive advisors at: 1-800-KAP-TEST

Program Features

With over 250 hours of strategically structured programming, the Summer Intensive - Live Online curriculum incorporates MCAT strategy, content review, and a personalized approach—delivered exclusively live online by our highest-rated MCAT faculty from across the country. The meticulously designed program focuses all your brainpower, energy, and attention on achieving your MCAT goal: a higher score, or your money back.

Exclusive to Summer Intensive - Live Online students

The most live online instruction available in preparation for any summer MCAT test dates. 5 full-length MCAT simulations carefully administered to mimic the Test Day experience.

Comprehensive content and strategy review sessions delivered live by highest rated Faculty including:

  • All Kaplan core MCAT Prep sessions.
  • 34 additional sessions of live, dedicated high-yield MCAT content review available exclusively to Summer Intensive students.
  • 100+ hours of curated The MCAT Channel sessions.

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions—12 hours total—with your personal MCAT Coach:

  • In-depth analysis of your full-length exam performance and creation of your personal study plan, so you can use your available study time as efficiently as possible.
  • Answers to any questions you have about the program, your Kaplan resources, or your progress.
  • One-on-one support to ensure you stay motivated and engaged throughout the program and confident for Test Day.

Dedicated MCAT faculty members and student concierge to provide prompt responses and solutions to all your MCAT needs:

  • Exclusive access to a social community of Summer Intensive - Live Online Faculty members and peers to post questions, foster collaboration, and celebrate your progress towards your goal score.
  • Direct answers to all your academic or service-related questions.

Plus, access to all of Kaplan’s MCAT preparation resources from the day you enroll until Test Day including:

  • The most available AAMC practice materials
  • Kaplan’s best-selling 7-book Subject Review, Lesson Book, and High-Yield Science - Newly released 4th edition.
  • MCAT Qbank—design your own practice quizzes from more than 1,000 MCAT-style questions and track your progress as you go.
  • A mobile flashcard app for convenient prep on the go.
  • A total of 8,000+ MCAT practice items, including 15 full-length practice tests, each psychometrically evaluated and fully aligned with the new test blueprint.
  • The MCAT Channel—providing you unlimited access to hours of supplemental live, online instruction nearly every day of the week taught by our highest-rated MCAT Faculty. A Kaplan Exclusive!

Program Schedule:

The Summer Intensive - Live Online program is scheduled strategically to take full advantage of your time during summer break. Combine the structure of scheduled live sessions throughout the day with the convenience of picking and choosing your MCAT Channel sessions each evening, plus weekly full-length exams and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Sample week

All times EST


11:00 AM - Strategy Lecture: Psychology & Sociology

1:00 PM - Break

2:00 PM - Content Review: Kinematics

3:30 PM - Office Hours

4:30 PM - Content Review: Work & Energy

6:00 PM - Break

7:00 PM - MCAT Channel, Coaching Session, or Homework


11:00 AM - Strategy Lecture: CARS

1:00 PM - Break

2:00 PM - Content Review: Thermodynamics

3:30 PM - Office Hours

4:30 PM - Content Review: Fluids

6:00 PM - Break

7:00 PM - MCAT Channel, Coaching Session, or Homework


11:00 AM - Strategy Lecture: Biology & Biochemistry

1:00 PM - Break

2:00 PM - Content Review: Amino Acids

3:30 PM - Office Hours

4:30 PM - Content Review: Sensation & Perception

6:00 PM - Break

7:00 PM - MCAT Channel, Coaching Session, or Homework


11:00 AM - Strategy Lecture: Chemistry & Physics

1:00 PM - Break

2:00 PM - Content Review: Eukaryotic DNA

3:30 PM - Office Hours

4:30 PM - Content Review: MCAT Trivia

6:00 PM - Break

7:00 PM - MCAT Channel, Coaching Session, or Homework


11:00 AM - Full Length Exam - Part 1

3:00 PM - Break

3:30 PM - Full Length Exam - Part 2

7:00 PM - Free Time


11:00 AM - Self Study

3:00 PM - MCAT Channel

5:00 PM - Self Study


11:00 AM - Full Length Exam Review or Coaching Session

4:00 PM - MCAT Channel or Coaching Session

7:00 PM - Full Length Exam Review or Coaching Session

Why Kaplan Summer Intensive - Live Online?

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Supremely efficient

500+ hours of available instruction, practice, and support carefully designed to provide top results in six weeks and including access to The MCAT Channel until Test Day.

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Effortlessly personalized

With our automated feedback tool, SmartReports™, you get in-depth insights into your greatest strengths and weaknesses on the MCAT with recommended instruction just for you.

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Proven expertise

Kaplan requires every instructor to be score-qualified and rigorously trained on the entire exam—ensuring that you'll be taught by an MCAT expert.

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Realistic practice

15 full-length exams, over 8,000+ MCAT practice items, and the most available official AAMC practice resources. Only realistic practice makes perfect.

*Offer: $600 off applies to MCAT Summer Intensive new enrollments only from January 1, 2018 through January 31, 2018. In Person, Live Online, Self-Paced, PrepPacks and Private Tutoring new enrollments are excluded from this offer. Discount may not be combined with any other promotion or offer.