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What’s a good MCAT score? 

When considering your MCAT score goal (in 2019’s competitive admissions cycle), it’s always a good idea to look at the requirements or minimums (if any) at the schools to which you’re applying. To start, though, here is what you need to know about your MCAT score.


How do I register for the MCAT?

You can register for the MCAT online via the Association of American Medical Colleges. The exam will be administered on 3 dates in January and 27 dates that fall between March and September 2019. Be sure to register for the MCAT early so you can select your first-choice location, date, and time.


What’s tested on the MCAT?

On the 2019 MCAT, you’ll face 230 questions over 6 hours and 15 minutes. The new MCAT requires a lot more stamina and focus than its predecessor. The breakdown of MCAT questions is 10 passages with 4 to 7 questions each and 15 stand-alone questions in each of the science sections, and 9 passages in the CARS section.

MCAT Study Plan: 30 Days

The AAMC recommends that the average pre-medical student should spend 300-350 hours preparing for the MCAT across several months. Realistically, though, you might not have that much time. If your test date is right around the corner and realized you have yet to start studying, don’t worry. Here’s how you can study for the MCAT in one month.


The Week Before the MCAT

The last week before the MCAT can present a number of last-minute challenges. Here’s a list of things you should make sure to include in the final days as the MCAT approaches.

QUIZ: What’s your MCAT score?

Put your biology, physics, and organic chemistry skills to the test with this short MCAT quiz.


What’s on the MCAT: Chemistry and Physics

The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Living Systems section of the MCAT, often abbreviated as the Chem/Physics section, requires you to solve problems based on knowledge of chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry.

Free Online MCAT Practice Test

Learn what to expect and how you’d score on the exam with a Free Practice Test. Plus, get a breakdown of which areas need improvement and how to score higher next time.

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