Adaptive Learning Technology

A Kaplan Exclusive

Strengths and weaknesses–we all have them, but yours will be different from other students and they'll change as you progress through your MCAT prep. That's why, at Kaplan, we've designed our courses to provide ongoing, personalized learning based on your specific needs. We do this through a revolutionary, adaptive learning technology that we call Smart Reports™.

You will achieve your best possible score with Kaplan's adaptive learning technology. Here's how:

1. Each student takes a practice MCAT test.

Christian and Melissa each take their practice MCAT computer-based tests.

2. Smart Reports then evaluates each students practice test and provides a comprehensive performance analysis.

Christian is struggling with Physical Sciences.
Melissa is experiencing difficulties with Verbal Reasoning.

3. The system then recommends assignments to help students master the specific content on which they need improvement.

Christian gets personalized practice and review assignments to help him excel on Physical Sciences.

Melissa gets practice and review assignments for Verbal Reasoning.

4. Smart Reports targets the highest-yield areas for each student, providing the greatest point gain possible on the MCAT.

As Christian and Melissa progress in their courses, Smart Reports continues to adapt as their performance evolves.

That's the magic of Smart Reports.

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