Free MCAT Practice Questions

Kaplan's 20 Minute Workout

Don’t have time for a full MCAT practice test, but still want to see how you might do if you took the MCAT today? You’ve come to the right place. With Kaplan’s 20-minute workout, you can try your hand at a few sample MCAT questions to see where you stand.

What to expect from MCAT practice questions

MCAT questions cover all kinds of topics from your academic studies. From chemistry and bio to physics and even psych/soc, each topic tests different skills that are crucial for med school admissions—and med school success.

After you get a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses from MCAT practice questions—or a full-length MCAT practice test—you can concentrate on developing the skills you need to succeed on Test Day.

Pacing yourself on MCAT question types

The MCAT will present you with 230 questions over a total of 6 hours and 15 minutes. That requires a lot of stamina, focus, and—yes—practice. As you study and prepare for MCAT Test Day, keep pacing in mind and develop an approach that will help you master every question type and content area on the exam.

If you’re comfortable with the questions on the MCAT, have a strategic approach, and pace yourself carefully through your MCAT practice tests and other MCAT prep, you can meet or exceed your goals on Test Day.

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