Intensive MCAT® Prep - Choose From In Person or Live Online

Spring Break Intensive - Live Online:

MCAT Content Bootcamp designed exclusively for Spring Break

Starting Saturday, March 4th

For the first time ever, Kaplan is offering a live, online bootcamp that allows you to make the most of your spring break while your competition is lying on the beach. Whether you’re gearing up for a spring test date or getting a jump start on a summer exam, our Spring Break Intensive program offers over 150 hours of strategically structured programming.

Plus you’ll select an MCAT Prep In Person, Live Online, or Self Paced course for any 2017 test date and receive unparalleled support and service, and one-on-one coaching with your personal MCAT expert.

Tuition: $3,999


or call 1-800-KAP-TEST to speak with one
of our Spring Break Intensive advisors.

Program Features:

Spring Break Intensive students will spend up to 3 weeks immersed in exclusive MCAT content review bootcamp sessions delivered live online by our highest-rated MCAT faculty throughout the month of March. Bootcamp also includes a full MCAT Live Online, In Person, or Self-Paced course, one-on-one coaching with your personal MCAT expert, and two additional foundational courses.

This meticulously designed program focuses all your brainpower, energy, and attention on achieving your MCAT goal: a higher score, or your money back.

Included for Spring Break Intensive students:

  • Over 150 hours of exclusive MCAT content review throughout your Spring Break bootcamp
  • Three hours of one-on-one coaching from your personal MCAT Coach (who will help you create your MCAT study plan and answer any questions you have)
  • Two Foundations Self-Paced online courses (each a $499 value) with over 50 hours of foundational instruction in Biochemistry, Psychology, and Sociology content
  • Dedicated MCAT faculty members and student concierge to provide prompt responses and solutions to all your MCAT needs:
    • Exclusive access to a social community of Spring Break Intensive Faculty members and peers to post questions, foster collaboration, and celebrate your progress towards your goal score
    • Direct answers to all your academic or service-related questions
  • An MCAT Prep - In Person, Live Online, or Self-Paced course, including:
    • 540 hours of instruction and practice
    • 300+ hours of online resources, including 14 full-length practice tests
    • The most available AAMC practice materials
    • Unlimited access to The MCAT Channel
    • Over 130 interactive Science Review videos
    • A personalized study plan that adjusts to your strengths and weaknesses

Program Schedule:

The Spring Break Intensive Program is scheduled strategically to take full advantage of your time during spring break. Combine the structure of scheduled live sessions throughout the day with the convenience of picking and choosing your MCAT® Channel sessions each evening.

Sample Week:

All times EST Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Kinematics Thermochemistry Gene Expression Embryology Digestion
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Amino Acids Eukaryotic DNA Solution Chemistry Consciousness, Motivation, and Stres Gasses
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Reactions and Stoichiometry Kinetics and Equilibria Isomerism and Hybridization Personality Disorders Microbiology The MCAT Channel
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Intermolecular Forces Fluids Carbohydrates Circulation Electrochemical Cells The MCAT Channel
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM The MCAT Channel The MCAT Channel The MCAT Channel The MCAT Channel

NOTE: Schedule subject to change

You’ll also select the MCAT Live Online, In Person, or Self-Paced course that’s most convenient for you, targeting any 2017 test date with access to all of Kaplan’s MCAT preparation resources, including

  • The most available AAMC practice materials
  • Kaplan’s best-selling 7-book Subject Review, Lesson Book, and High-Yield Science - Newly released 3rd edition.
  • MCAT Qbank—design your own practice quizzes from more than 1,000 MCAT-style questions and track your progress as you go.
  • A mobile flashcard app for convenient prep on the go.
  • A total of 8,000+ MCAT practice items, including 14 full-length practice tests, each psychometrically evaluated and fully aligned with the new test blueprint.
  • The MCAT® Channel—providing you unlimited access to hours of supplemental live, online instruction nearly every day of the week taught by our highest-rated MCAT Faculty. A Kaplan Exclusive!
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