Learn about the GMAT

Learn About the GMAT

Learn the basics about the GMAT–including what to expect on Test Day.

  • What’s a good GMAT score?

    The GMAT is scored on a 200-800 scale. You’ll receive scores for each of the four sections. The Verbal and Quantitative sections are scored from 0-60. The Integrated Reasoning section is scored 1-8. The Analytical Writing section is score from 0-6.  Read More >

  • How should I study for the GMAT?

    To do your best on the GMAT, research shows that you’re likely to need to study about 100-120 hours in the 2-3 months leading up to the test. How do you know how to spend that time? Preparing for the GMAT will likely be keeping you quite busy for a few months, which is not an easy prospect when you’re likely busy with other schoolwork or a job. Read More >

  • GMAT: The Computer Adaptive Test

    The GMAT is a computer adaptive test. This means that you will be taking it on a computer and it will generate questions based on how well you are doing. Find out how this effect your score.  Read More >

Studying for the GMAT

Studying for the GMAT

On the GMAT, the Verbal and Quantitative sections are scored on a scale of 0–60. The Integrated Reasoning section is scored from 1-8, and the Essay is scored from 0-6. You will get an overall GMAT score in the range of 200-800.

GMAT Prep Courses

GMAT Prep Courses

Allow yourself at least 100-120 hours of preparation time. Even though you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to, you have to do the work first. This is a very difficult exam. Take enough time to practice, prepare, and build confidence for Test Day.

  • GMAT Prep – Live Online

    Kaplan’s live, instructor-led online courses provide the benefits of a classroom experience with the flexibility of attending from wherever you are. Learn more >

  • GMAT Prep – In Person

    Kaplan’s In Person option is your perfect blend of in-class instruction with expert GMAT faculty and comprehensive resources for out-of-class, realistic practice. Learn More >

  • GMAT Prep – Self-Paced Online

    Want test prep on your terms? Prefer working on your own from home? With Kaplan’s self-paced online courses, you can work at your own place, at your own pace—wherever you are, at whatever time suits you. Learn more >

  • GMAT Channel

    The GMAT Channel gives you unlimited access to Kaplan’s top-rated GMAT faculty for live, elective instruction. Choose the episodes you need to watch most based on topic, teacher, or difficulty. It’s the best way to gain the most GMAT points in the least amount of time. Learn more >