Kaplan Pre-Med Day

Stream our live events with experts and get ready to get into med school and start your medical career.

Pre-Med Day

Admissions experts, current physicians, and high-achieving med students spilled the tea on specialties and how to get into med school.

Dr. Dale, MD, Discusses How to Be a Holistic Doctor

Dr. Dale Okorodudu discusses how to practice holistic medicine and how to be a holistic doctor (and person).

Doctors Give Career Advice & Share Experiences

Specialists Dr. Chris Cimino (neurology), Dr. Seth Meltzer (cardiology), Dr. Ned Palmer give you real talk on their day-to-day lives.

How to Spend a Med School Gap Year

These current med students used their gap years to work, have families, and hike the Appalachian Trail. In other words, not what you might traditionally expect.

5 Steps to Improve Your MCAT Score

Your MCAT score can make - or break - your application. The good news is that a higher score is within your reach.

Before Med School: Pre Med Advice

These two current med students literally wrote the book on how to be a successful pre-med.

Med Students Share Inspiring Pre-Med Journeys

These current med students share highs and lows on their amazing journeys to med school.

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