What’s the Best LSAT Prep?

There are many LSAT prep options out there and it can be difficult to decide which are right for you. To ensure you reach your target score, you’ll want to invest in the best LSAT prep available.

Most people spend 150-300 hours studying for the LSAT over a period of two to three months. Everyone has different learning styles and needs—you know best what kind of prep will work for you. Before deciding on a study plan and the type of LSAT prep to purchase, consider the following:

Once you’ve identified your needs and cemented a timeline, you can begin to weigh your options. Here are the best ways to prep for the LSAT. 


  • BEST LSAT PREP #1) Studying with a Private Tutor

    Studying with a private tutor is the most personalized option. Working one-on-one with an LSAT expert will ensure that you allocate your time efficiently and target areas of the test that will give you the greatest opportunity for score gains. This is also the most flexible way to prep with a teacher—your tutor will work around your schedule so you don’t have to worry about moving things around to make it to a class that meets at a certain time. Some private tutoring options, like Kaplan’s and Manhattan Prep’s, also give you access to online lessons or a full Live Online LSAT course so you can supplement your in-person tutoring with self-study.

  • BEST LSAT PREP #2) Taking an LSAT Live Online Course

    Skip the commute and take a Live Online LSAT course. You can attend class from anywhere you have a wifi connection. Kaplan’s Live Online LSAT courses are taught by a team of teachers—one teacher leads the lesson on-camera while additional expert instructors answer your questions via chat in real-time. The experience is interactive. No more waiting for an opportune time to raise your hand—get your questions answered as you have them.  Many courses come with additional online study materials so you can brush up on foundational concepts tested on the LSAT. Manhattan Prep’s course comes with full access to LSAT Interact, an on-demand prep course.

  • BEST LSAT PREP #3) Studying in a Traditional LSAT Classroom

    UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, in-person prep options are on hold indefinitely. For those that prefer this learning environment, we recommend our Live Online Classroom options mentioned above.

    Online learning is our new normal.

  • BEST LSAT PREP #4) Study on Your Own With a Self-Paced Online Course

    If you study best on your own and know that you can hold yourself accountable to a consistent schedule, a Self-Paced Online Course is a great option. You’ll get a full on-demand course and online guidance to structure your studying. Kaplan’s Self-Paced Course comes with access to the LSAT Channel, which features over 145 teacher-led sessions, live or on-demand.

    Manhattan Prep’s award-winning LSAT Interact is led by their top-1% LSAT teachers, who guide you through each interactive lesson. The program is entirely self-paced and available on all devices.

Types of LSAT Prep: Pros/Cons


  • One-on-one support that fits your schedule, learning style, and strengths/weaknesses
  • Effective study sessions, since you have someone to help you stay on track


  • More expensive than other prep options


  • The feel of traditional classroom instruction with the flexibility of remote learning
  • Taught by Kaplan’s top instructors, with other great teachers standing by to answer your questions


  • Slightly less flexibility than tutoring or self-paced options
  • Since you’ll be attending remotely, there’s the temptation to multitask or let your mind wander in class.


  • Completely flexible. You can study whenever and from wherever you want, focus on the study materials that work best with your learning style, and stretch or condense your study time to fit your test date, even if you change your test date part way through your prep.
  • Less expensive than other prep options


  • You need to keep yourself accountable. Since you have no instructor and no classmates, you’re on your own to make sure you stay on track and get prepared by your test date.
  • You won’t get one-on-one help to answer questions or work on problem areas.



Who Needs LSAT Test Prep?

Anyone studying for the LSAT will benefit from some type of structured prep. Since the LSAT is a skills-based exam, memorizing and cramming individually won’t prepare you. Take advantage of Kaplan’s tried-and-true methods for achieving LSAT success by selecting one of the options below, based on your individual study needs and preferences.

LSAT Private Tutor

LSAT tutoring is designed for anyone who wants one-on-one feedback, personalized lesson plans, and flexible scheduling. Additionally, if you study best with supervision or have specific studying needs, consider LSAT tutoring. 

LSAT Live Online Course

Kaplan’s Live Online courses are designed to fit the needs of many different students. The online classroom setting means that the needs of both those who perform well in traditional classrooms and those who prefer to work individually are met. These courses are taught by Kaplan’s best instructors, and more expert instructors are on standby to answer questions in the chat. Any student who wants flexibility, structure, and collaboration should consider enrolling in a live online course. 

LSAT Self-Paced Online Course

If you have a strong work ethic and you work well without collaboration or supervision, consider Kaplan’s Self-Paced Online LSAT Course. You’ll have access to a huge variety of LSAT prep materials, and as long as you’re comfortable setting your own study schedule and keeping yourself accountable, the Self-Paced LSAT Course is a great option. 


SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSE INSTRUCTION180+ hours online instruction60+ hours interactive video lessons150+ hours online instruction160 hours online instruction
LIVE ONLINE COURSE INSTRUCTION32 hours online classroom instruction36 hours of live instruction30 hours online classroom instructionn/a
LSAT PRACTICE QUESTIONS300+ customizable quizzes5,000+ questions & 180 drills8,000+9,500
FULL-LENGTH PRACTICE TESTS60+LSAC Prep Plus® Digital Practice Examsyesyes
LSAT PREP BOOKS45options availableno
ONLINE COURSE ACCESS1 year6+ months2.5 months3.5 months
LSAT COURSE PRICING$1200 (as low as $100/month)$700 (as low as $59/month) to $1,400 (as low as $117/month)$1699$1150


Frequently Asked Questions About LSAT Prep Courses

Is an LSAT Prep Course Worth It?

Regardless of where you stand with your LSAT prep, enrolling in an LSAT prep course is the most reliable way to both stay sharp on material that may be older to you, and to learn all the new material necessary to reach your goal LSAT score. Live Online, Self-Paced, and Practice prep options have the resources you need to master all subject matter tested on the LSAT, like practice tests, study plans, practice questions, and more.

Which is the best online LSAT prep course?

The Manhattan Prep and Kaplan LSAT Prep Course options provide the greatest range of materials to get you read you ready for LSAT test day including hands-on instruction, self-prep, diagnostic exercises, and much more.

How much does an LSAT prep course cost?

LSAT prep courses cost as low as $700. Kaplan and Manhattan Prep offer low monthly payment options that can help make some of the more expensive LSAT prep course options become affordable for those who may otherwise have a lower budget for their LSAT studies.

How difficult is the LSAT test?

The LSAT test is difficult for many, though all LSAT test takers’ experiences vary. By purchasing an LSAT prep course to get you ready for test day, you’ll be sure to have the tailored prep needed to help you meet your goal LSAT score.


Studying with a book is a good way to delve into the LSAT. Look for books that not only have content review, but also provide you with plenty of practice tests and online practice resources—you’ll want to get computer-based practice before Test Day.

  • BEST LSAT PREP BOOK #1) Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides

    Manhattan Prep’s LSAT Strategy Guides cover all three sections of the test. You’ll get a foundational review as well as techniques geared towards students aiming for top scores. The guides are created and tested by Manhattan Prep instructors, and come with additional online resources to supplement your prep.

  • BEST LSAT PREP BOOK #2) LSAT Prep Plus 2020-2021

    Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus 2020-2021 is updated for the Digital LSAT and features official LSAT practice questions, an official practice test, and test-taking strategies to help you score higher. You’ll also get access to online videos led by expert teachers and online workshops.


If you’re looking to fine-tune your prep rather than taking a full LSAT prep course or studying with comprehensive LSAT books, consider this prep tool:

LSAT Logic Games Complete Prep

Kaplan’s Logic Games Complete Prep lets you practice with every logic game ever released and provides you with expert guidance. You’ll not only get access to the over 300 officially released games, but you’ll also get access to over 20 hour-long videos from the LSAT Channel, and Kaplan’s LSAT Logic Games Unlocked 2018-19 book.