Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 GMAT Deals

You can always count on scoring a good deal on GMAT test prep with Kaplan during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In 2020, Black Friday lands on November 27 and Cyber Monday is November 30. Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be featured across our site, including here. 

The GMAT is offered most days of the year. Even if you are not applying to business school right away, you should consider taking the GMAT while you are still in undergrad to take advantage of already being in study mode. Scores are valid for 5 years. Spring semester of your senior year is an ideal time to prep for and take the GMAT, and beginning your studying in December is perfect to be prepared for an early 2020 test date. You should spend about 100-120 hours preparing for the GMAT to hit your target score, so plan accordingly. We have schedules and materials to get you prepped in time for any test date.

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GMAT Prep with a Teacher

We offer classes Live Online, Self-Paced, or 1-on-1 through Online Tutoring.



Live Online GMAT Prep

You can attend our Live Online classes from anywhere you have an internet connection. You’ll be supported by a team of our best instructors, who will teach you to think like the GMAT. In our Live Online classroom, one teacher leads the class on camera while additional instructors lead the group chat and answer your direct questions in real-time. No more waiting to raise your hand—interact with the content and get answers to your questions immediately. You won’t be on camera, so you can roll out of bed straight into class. We won’t judge. 


All GMAT live online courses include:

  • 18 hours of core, live online instruction
  • 30+ hours of elective, live instructions on the GMAT Channel
  • Official Test Day Experience to walk you through every aspect of test day
  • 9 full-length, computer-based practice tests
  • 180+ hours of online instruction and practice
  • 5,000+ practice questions—including QBank
  • GMAT prep books

You can upgrade to Live Online PLUS and also receive:

  • 3 hours of 1-on-1 coaching to keep you on track
  • GMAT Math Foundations—Self-Paced

Online Tutoring GMAT Prep

All of our Kaplan tutors are chosen for their extensive knowledge and empathy, and you’ll be paired with one that matches your needs perfectly. You’ll meet with your tutor online, using the best digital learning tools. Your tutor will be a GMAT expert who knows the test inside and out—they’ll be able to match their knowledge with your needs, customizing your study plan to raise your score.


All of our Tutoring packages include:

  • 10, 20, or 40 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Full-length practice tests with score analysis
  • Prep books and access to on-demand practice questions
  • Official Test Day Experience to walk you through every aspect of test day
  • Hundreds of hours of on-demand instruction on the GMAT channel
  • A full complimentary Live Online Course
  • 5,000+ practice questions, including Adaptive Qbank, 9 full-length practice tests, and books


Prep for the GMAT on Your Own

We offer a Self Paced option of our GMAT course, as well as resources to supplement your studying.

GMAT Adaptive Qbank


Our GMAT Qbank adjusts to you, just like the real GMAT. You can practice from over 2300 questions wherever you learn best, taking the Qbank with you on any device. Each question comes with an in-depth explanation, so you can learn from your mistakes. You’ll also get a progress report that shows you what to study next.


GMAT Study Books

Our comprehensive test prep books give you content review for each section of the GMAT, some of our best test-taking strategies and tips, and full-length practice tests. All of our books are available for purchase on Amazon.