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Webinar in Review: Addressing Healthcare Inequities Impacting the BIPOC LGBTQIA+ Community 

November 2, 2022

In this event, panelists addressed the specific challenges Queer members of BIPOC communities encounter when it comes to healthcare as well as proactive steps that healthcare providers, medical educators, and LGTBQIA+ allies can take to improve the Queer healthcare experience.

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Finding Your Passion in Healthcare

by Kim Canning, Executive Director, Kaplan Partner Solutions | April 14, 2022

We had the opportunity to meet with Jeff Oxendine, author of “You Don’t Have to be a Doctor:  Discover, Achieve and Enjoy Your Authentic Health Career,” to learn insightful guidance for students pursuing a health career. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Health Career Connection, and a longtime faculty member at UC Berkeley School of Public Health. 

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Kaplan Doubles Down on Live Instruction for Dental (DAT) and Optometry (OAT) Prep

by Elijah Schwartz, MSEd, MS, BCBA-candidate, Senior Learning Strategist, Kaplan North America | March 9, 2022

Nowhere is that drive to add value, immediacy, and active coaching more apparent than in Kaplan’s relaunch of prep for Dental (DAT) and Optometry (OAT) exams. But what will these new courses look like for students?

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Meet the Kaplan Experts: Jennifer Moore, Executive Director, Pre-Med Programs

by Jennifer Moore - Executive Director, Pre-Med Programs | March 8, 2022

I believe the key to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive medical educational system is to expand access to programs that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills rewarded by the MCAT—thereby ensuring that every student has the full opportunity to succeed.

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White Paper: Breaking Down the Choice Between D.O. & M.D. Paths

by Jonathan Bruner, D.O., Director of Osteopathic Curriculum | February 10, 2022
PreMed Kaplan White Paper

Download the white paper to take a deep dive into into the nuances of the M.D. and D.O. disciplines and insights into how these divergent career paths can benefit your individual students.

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Introducing Kaplan All Access License

by Kim Canning, Executive Director, Kaplan Partner Solutions | January 25, 2022
 Kaplan All Access License

Kaplan has created a new model to provide an All Access License at a university-wide level to all of our industry leading test prep, licensure and credentialing programs. Kaplan can support your students and school with an All Access License which dramatically reduces cost and increases access.

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Reflecting on the Kaplan Med School Admissions Officers Survey

by Petros Minasi, Jr., Sr. Director, Pre-Health Programs | January 24, 2022
Kaplan Med School Admissions Officers Survey

Kaplan annually conducts a survey of medical school admissions officers so we can gain insight to the process beyond what the numbers show, and share that information with students and advisors.

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My Recipe for Holiday Break Success

by Petros Minasi, Jr., Sr. Director, Pre-Health Programs | December 14, 2021
Kaplan PreMed Educators

With the end of the year, we have an opportunity to reflect on the last 365 days while also looking ahead to all the possibilities the new year affords us.

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